Construction Experience

Modern Engineers an Egyptian-based company located in Giza, will provide the design and construction activities with the support of local resources, has an extensive background in construction projects worldwide. We have been successfully implementing construction projects throughout the Middle East for many years.
Our team has recent, relevant experience managing and executing construction and design/build (D/B) projects composed of similar work as described in the solicitation.

ME possesses more than 17 years of experience in design and construction of projects in the Egypt. The company maintains an outstanding record of safety, timely completion, and client satisfaction in all of the projects executed so far.

We feel that this approach and the close coupling of our core competencies will provide Owner and the End User with a quality project, delivered On-Time and within the required budget.

Modern Engineers has certified of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and UK Professional Engineering certified (PEC).

Design Capability

Modern Engineers excels when combining our project management and construction capabilities with our sophisticated design staff. We have an extensive background in design projects worldwide and have been implementing projects successfully throughout the Egypt for many years.

Our Technology-Driven firm’s engineering department currently has an immediate opening for a Design Engineer.

The Design Engineer will be responsible for carrying out the duties of the Engineering department, including Design, Research, Prototyping, Engineering Documentation, Estimating and Process Improvement. The successful candidate will report directly to the Lead Designer, and collaborate with Design/Purchasing and Shop/Assembly teams on design projects.

This an excellent opportunity to work in a friendly work environment with a team that is dedicated and passionate about craftsmanship and innovation.

Design Engineers Responsibities:
  • Use specialized software to create models and drawings of products.
  • Research new materials and methods of development.
  • Organize and maintain existing engineering records.
  • Construct prototypes and confirm designs with design/purchasing team.
  • Perform physical testing on engineering prototypes.
  • Ensure components and assemblies adhere to applicable industry and business standards.

Management and Technical Capability

Modern Engineers is ready to respond to Government and to the Egyptian Air Force’s (EAF) needs and requirements on the Hospitals projects with an organizational and management approach that can respond to the combination of the construction of aspects fully designed by others and the D/B aspects of this contract. The organization is not only flexible enough to allow for the singular linear management structure that is typical of a construction project that has been fully designed, but also contains the design engineering capability and communications matrix that is the hallmark of the D/B method of project delivery.

In case of traditional construction or, it is vital that everyone who plays a significant role on the project, including construction subcontractors and design consultants, have a voice in addressing constructability and design issues before they occur in the field. Most important among these voices are the government or EAF, all of which play a proactive role in:

  • Project planning to ensure a Shared Vision of the project objectives.
  • Approvals to move the project through every step in the most efficient manner possible.