Putting System

Putting technology is an important part of any modern manufacturing. The correct choice of method of putting allows to provide not only the required surface protection, but also an appropriate decorative and aesthetic properties with airless technology.

modern engineers

Construction industry and large equipment manufacturers require custom putting booths or hangers to meet their specific product challenges.

Putting spray booths are multi-purpose work areas that collect airborne residue and filter air during the coating process included putting .

Booths have two main functions. The first is gathering “overspray” during the application process – which is the coating that gets into the air. Containing overspray stops chemicals from permeating your shop or escaping into the atmosphere.

A putting booth’s second main function is filtering incoming air to remove dust and other floating particles. Filtered air is important for creating the expected finishes and inhibits contamination of your shop’s air quality.

We believe, highest efficiency in a putting booth can only be attained when the capacity, size and other specifications are best suited to the kind of work that is performed. So we select the most appropriate booth for a specific coating component:

  • Size of the article to be coated.
  • Rate of production (i.e Paint Consumption)
  • Product handling method.